This blog is about the travels and tales of Liz, Cody, Stella, and Stewart Strawbridge. We live in too much chaos to have photo albums and journals. This is a record for us to remember our journeys.  Stewart Strawbridge grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania and Liz grew up in Darien, CT.  We live in Portland Maine – Liz is finishing her residency program at Maine Medical and Stewart works for Selkirk Partners.  www.selkirkpartners.com

2 Responses to About

  1. Wendy Holding says:

    Hey Stew -

    I was trying to track you down and stumbled across this website. How wonderful! Glad to see you guys are so well. My favorite comment, ” who knew sitting in silence could be so loud.”

    Hope to see you all very soon. Lots of love,


    • admin says:

      Hey wendy,

      Funny… Great to hear from you. How is everything? l hear lindsey is coming to maine, pretty soon. Hopefully we are going to see you as well? I just got back from a ski trip with Gris. Chat soon

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