Wow the summer flew by!!!

We had a great summer.  It started off really hot with a trip to CO with lots of music and mountain biking.  I tore my PCL which was a little bump in the road.  We finished the summer with some great memories in Northeast Harbor with cousins and friends.  We rolled into the fall with a great Halloween and Senior week with the Little’s and the Jung’s. More photos on the way.

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Summer is Here!!!

Stewart Strawbridge and Family went to back to SG for Stewart’s 20th year reunion – wow we are getting old.  We also took a trip to France with 4 couples and Pat which was amazing.  We brought the kids camping on Richmond Island and watched the Sheep herders at work.  Cody learned how to ride a 2 wheeler which has been really fun to watch.

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April 2014

What a crazy april.  The Strawbridges completed the Inferno race at Tuckerman’s Ravine, celebrated Liz’s 35th Birthday with style, and went to Chester County and Butler Maryland to watch the Grand National, Maryland Hunt Cup.  Liz went to Portland Oregon and Cali to visit old friends.  Guts for Garters won the Maryland Hunt Cup which was a great day for Sanna (my sister) and Jody.  We finished April with a hike up Tuckermans which is in great shape!!!  It is slowly starting to get warmer in Maine.  

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Skiing this Winter

We spent most winter weekends skiing.  We hit Sunday river, Saddleback, CO, and Alps.

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Uganda Sage-Cure


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News Years 2014

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December 2013

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Jackson Hole

Thanks to Bill and Chris for a great week in Jackson.  It was a great week filled with a ton of laughs, great food, and awesome skiing.  Thanks!!!!

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The Fall of 2013

two up and coming soccer stars

Pig Roast 2013


This fall was filled with a Pig Roast, Halloween party, Cody’s 4th birthday party, a broken toe, a trip to Paris to watch Moonlight Cloud win, apple picking, and lastly a New York Marathon!!!  The sun is starting to set at 4 again and the temps are dropping – time to get the fire going.

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Sage+Cure Speech 9/11/13

First of all, thank you all so much for coming, it means so much to liz and me to have everyone here to celebrate Sage’s story and this wonderful organization, CURE.  Friends and family have come from Boston, Vermont, New York, PA, Baltimore, Oregon, and Hawaii and it means a great deal to us to have you all here.

Liz and I wanted to keep this brief, so we can hear more about CURE from Dr. Warf and Tim Erikson, CURE’s director of development, then get everybody dancing- because tonight is really about celebration and gratitude.

There are so many people we want to thank that got us through that time and liz and I have cut it down to a small few so we are not here all night.

Let me start with-the people that helped put this event together-

thank you to Kitty for captaining the ship and mixing your delicious mojitos,

Leslie and cultivating community for donating their time and energy into creating this delicious meal,

Anna for her beautiful music,

Infiniti for providing free beer, and

Peter for the gracious use of his farm.

Next I wanted to thank our Parents and friends for their unwavering support. We could not have gotten through this experience without the emails, letters, and calls that helped us face so much uncertainty. TO this day, I continue to find strength in knowing that no matter what life delivers, we have your love and support.

-A Big thank you to Chrissy Booth- Cody’s amazing nanny and second mom, who took care of Cody when we were in Boston.  Conveniently for us, it was only when we dropped her off with Chrissy that we realized she had a bad case of lice. _i may have an idea but wasn’t sure.  Only, Chrissy’s love for Cody was strong enough to remended that situation.

And Bryn Redding who has taken care of Sage since he came home from the hospital- I am certain, he wouldn’t be where he is today without her.

I also wanted to thank all the doctors and providers at Maine Medical. Their thorough care was invaluable to us and their patience was invaluable to me.  Every time a staff member walked in the door – Liz would cringe in embarrassment at my endless obsessive questioning.

I also want to thank P-Chris, a friend who works as radiologist at Maine Medical. He was our eyes and ears on the ground, we even woke him one night at 3am to look at an CT scan so he could give us a real time read on Sage’s ventricle size. Speaking of ventricles, None of my Bowdoin Hockey Friends would believe it, but knowledge of newborn ventricles had me frequently mistaken as a neursurgeon. Something, I still take a little bit of pride in.

And most importantly, we wanted to thank Dr. Warf.  He is not only a genius but also a caring, humble person which is a rare and an impressive combination.  We feel so lucky to have been connected with Dr. Warf. For being such an important person who is busy savings lives, he always found the time to respond to our emails immediately  — the way you could only expect a friend to. Liz frequently asked me if it was OK to hug him. I was just glad she wasn’t trying to kiss him.

I wanted to thank Liz. Anyone, who saw her and I when sage was in the hospital can a test to what a strong, yet gentle guiding support she is for me and our family.  Through it all, while I was superstitiously not shaving or changing my shirt, Liz stayed positive, her quite confidence and faith never wavering.   Sage, Cody and I are so lucky to have you looking after us.  We love you. Thanks Lizzy

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