“Little Man” Redding

June 4th 2011 – We set out for our first island picnic with 10 adults (three pregnant ladies) and 4 kids (ages 3 months to 19 months).  The boat was riding low but we made it out to little Chebeague island around 5pm.  Oh, i forgot to mention that Julia was 2 weeks past her due date.  The boat ride sent her into labor.  I am also the only non-doctor in the group.  Everybody else seemed fine with the fact that we were on an island as Julia was going through contractions that were rapidly becoming very uncomfortable.  So as the sun sets, we pile on the boat and head back to the mainland to get Julia to the hospital.  3 hours later, the Redding’s have a little boy.  It was an extremely memorable Picnic adventure.  It is one picnic that might be tough to repeat!!! Congrats!! 

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  1. Pat says:

    Howdy, Stew.

    Saw this article in today’s NY Times and thought of you.

    Glad to stumble across your family blog. Cody is getting big! Hope you and Liz are doing well. Say hi to wee Keller Kai for us.

    High fives from Brooklyn.
    Pat & Lauren.

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