Redmond Sage

On Christmas day, while at home he had a seizure (I didn’t know it at the time- it was terrifying). We called 911 and went to the hospital where he was found to be having a massive brain hemorrhage. The next 18 hours were the worst of our life, not knowing if Sage would pull through. He was rushed to neurosurgery and had a drain placed in his brain to remove some of the pressure. We got good news after the MRI yesterday that showed the bleed was big but mostly confined to the ventricles (essentially where CSF drains from the brain. We have a really long road ahead of us- he spiked a fever last night and had to have a spinal tap and go on all sorts of antibiotics. We are hoping to keep him healthy and comfortable while his brain heals and would so appreciate your positive thoughts in that direction. He is such a strong little guy and no matter what happens I know he feels the overwhelming love of his parents every moment, hopefully making his difficult journey a little easier.

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