New Years Update

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To all of our dearest friends-

When we remember 2011, Stew and I will think of all the overwhelming warmth and love of our friends and family. If this experience has taught us anything, it is that the most important thing – the only thing, really- in life, is the love of friends and family. We have so much gratitude for all of the love that has poured our direction and are in awe at its mysterious extraordinary power to heal. All of you have sent your love in the form of beautiful words, prayers, music, nourishing food, healing symbols, and stories.

While obviously very cautious and far from any long term prognostic indicators, we are encouraged by Sage’s last 2 days. Despite a new blood clot in a vein in his brain that they detected on CT 2 days ago (likely related to dehydration from difficulty regulating fluid balance related to the brain injury), he is actually looking so good to us. An EEG showed that he’s stopped seizing. He’s moving everything, stretching and yawning like a normal newborn. Yesterday, he sucked on a pacifier for the first time and his eyes seem to track. We still can’t hold him or even move his head at all because he has the drain in place, but we find joy in the little things. I am grateful to be a mom again, changing his diapers, soothing him, watching him suck milk from my finger contentedly.

So we are counting our blessings daily and praying that his journey remains peaceful until he heals. Hopefully, the new clot will remain stable and break up without causing damage.The words “thank you” are pale compared to the rich love you all have shared with us. My friend, Christine, shared a quote with us that I’d like to pass on to you all from the Talmud:

“Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘grow.’”

All our love and blessings this 2012,
Liz, Stew, Cody and Sage

Another Prayer from Ash

may you have peace with this mystery

may you have joy for this journey

may courage open creative doors

and lead you to the river to dance

as the sun sets on this day, may your

troubles, worries, and fears fade

as the moon rises

may the power within you bow

and behold

 with each star that shines above

my sweet sage hear his life’s song

and may it make him smile.

 and may the love you share,

forged in this fire

burn away all illusions

returning  you to the center

of your own deepest truth

and the radiant light

which embraces any dark with

a mother’s tender hands

and fierce heart.


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